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The stigma felt by those suffering with mental illness is the most significant impediment to people acknowledging their symptoms, sharing their concerns, and seeking treatment for their illness. The Shuchart Foundation for Mental Health Awareness was created for one reason: to reduce and eventually eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Simply, the most effective stigma-fighting method available is sharing our personal stories with others – including those with a mental illness, those supporting people with an illness, and those unfamiliar with mental disorders who may not understand that most people with a mental illness can successfully manage their condition.

The Shuchart Foundation wants those of us with a mental illness to accept that we did nothing that led to our illness; we didn’t cause it, and it’s not our fault – any more than people battling cancer are responsible for their disease. And we want people to speak out about their recovery in a manner that communicates it’s not my fault, and I’m okay.

Second, the rest of us need to engage people with a mental illness and encourage them to open up about their condition. Our responsibility is to speak in a manner that shows we understand that mental illness is a chemical imbalance, a biological condition – and is no reason to be embarrassed.

KC_Health_Wellness_JUNE_2015_COVEREach week John Shuchart and his team are spreading the anti-stigma message to groups at mental health events, countless meetings and through the media. The Foundation receives no honorarium for appearances and pays for travel expenses. In addition, it pays for printing and distributing “You are not the brightest of my four sons” and other depressing things that have been said to me to nonprofit groups for use as a fundraising tool, and for customizing marketing materials for them to promote book sales.

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Your generous donation to The Shuchart Foundation for Mental Health Awareness allows us to continue speaking out against the stigma, and your purchase of “You are not the brightest of my four sons” helps support the Foundation and other nonprofits across the country.

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